I am a twenty-three year old wedding photographer & videographer based in the beautiful and mountainous area of Provo, Utah. Traveling and immersing myself in world culture is an obsession that I have fed for many years. I have traveled to over sixty countries photographing and filming my love for this world and the people in it. 

Film, the outdoors, and scuba diving are my best-loved passions. I love the ocean so much I once took an 8 day trip on a small boat (completely isolated) where I caught all my food scuba diving the bottom of the ocean! I absolutely love to be outdoors, whether it’s camping with family or a quiet hike.

After graduating from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor’s Degree and working in the field of science and medicine, I decided to take a more creative route to happiness and shape my love of pictures and film into a career.

Me doing what I love most. Creating videos & photos while traveling.