I am a twenty-four year old destination wedding photographer & videographer based in the beautiful and mountainous state of Utah. I LOVE WHAT I DO. SO SO MUCH. I live and breathe photography and videography, whether it is teaching a course to other creatives or shooting an elopement.

I find that nature is influential to my work. I utilize trees, rivers, and flowers into every shot I can to create something truly beautiful. I have traveled to over sixty-five countries (you read that right) photographing and filming my love for this world and the people in it. 

I believe in timeless editing. I edit my work to look natural and bright so that it stays visually stunning forever. I avoid using trendy filters that go in and out of style or tones that aren’t true. 

Fun facts: I am scuba certified   I rewatch episodes of The Office a lot • I have 8 siblings  I visit Europe every couple months  • I live in an old renovated church • My favorite country is Japan • I graduated from UVU • I’m on track to be the youngest person to visit every country • I love photography and videography 




Me doing what I love most. Creating videos & photos while traveling. 

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