I am a twenty-three year old wedding photographer & videographer based in the beautiful and mountainous area of Provo, Utah. Understanding people and immersing myself in world culture is an obsession that I have fed for many years. I have traveled to over sixty countries photographing and filming my love for this world and the people in it. I hope to say that my experiences outside of the familiar boundaries of Utah help to shape my photography, creating an eye that synthesizes new and known.

Film, the outdoors, and scuba diving are my best-loved passions. Scuba diving trips where I don’t see land for a week are what I live for. I absolutely love to be outdoors, whether it’s camping with family or a quiet hike.

After graduating from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor’s Degree and working in the field of science and medicine, I decided to take a more creative route to happiness and shape my love of pictures and film into a career.