Why Choose Me?

The thing that sets me apart from the rest is I am extremely knowledgeable when it comes to weddings and I KNOW EXACTLY how to get you the photos and/or videos you have always dreamed of despite difficult lighting, large family, or a chaotic schedule. I have shot in so many different situations that I feel super confident in providing you with the very best imagery no matter what. I ALSO CARE A TON about how your wedding day goes and how I can make it easier for you.


I go out of my way to give you the best advice and tips and tricks to help your wedding day run smoothly. Which lighting and angles looks great for photos, what to avoid when shooting video, and how to prepare for it all. I have shot over 250 weddings so believe me when I say I know exactly how to get every shot you need. You are in extremely good hands with me and I am most highly praised for my client experience and helpfulness to my brides.