I am a destination wedding videographer & photographer based in the beautiful and mountainous state of Utah. I LOVE WHAT I DO SO SO MUCH. I live and breathe photography & videography, whether it is teaching a course to other creatives or shooting an elopement.

I find that nature is influential to my work. Finding the perfect wildflower field to frame your engagement session or capturing a bright sun beam shinning through a tree during your wedding IS MY THING. I thrive in capturing love on this beautiful earth.

 I have traveled to over sixty-five countries (you read that right) photographing and filming my love for this world and the people in it. Check out my travel instagram @bransonmaxwell.travel, my video IG @bransonmaxwell.video or my photography account @bransonmaxwell.photo


I am a SUPER friendly and warm person. I love getting to know my couples, laughing with their wedding party, and creating an environment where I can capture true personality and emotion. Every gallery and/or video I give back is entirely different from the other and is custom tailored to my couples true persona and character. I personally am an extrovert who enjoys celebrations, music, and dancing. 


Most people would describe me as down to earth, sociable, and professional. I am extremely directive and efficient when it comes to organize your family for family portraits. At the same time I believe the wedding spotlight is on YOU TWO so I truly make an effort in giving you as much time as possible to enjoy your guests and each other’s company.


I am scuba certified  • I rewatch episodes of The Office a lot • I have 8 siblings • I visit Europe every couple months  • I live in an old renovated church • I have been on over 800 flights • I LOVE food and going out to dinner • My favorite country is Japan • I graduated from UVU • I’m on track to be the youngest person to visit every country in the world • I love photography and videography 



I have extensive experience with engagements, bridals/formals, boudoir, and weddings. I have shot over 300 weddings and elopements all over the globe and experience with nearly every culture, language, & wedding tradition there is.

Posing, lighting, and directing is my thing. Couples book with me because they want a custom curated experience that reflects their true personalities. The art and direction I provide goes further than just a pose and includes guides, tips, and tricks to get the best imagery possible. We work together to create imaginative, aesthetic, and visually stunning content, which is what fine art is.



My couples tend to be fun, happy, sophisticated, and down to earth. They value high quality art and trust me to produce it for them. They like intimate experiences and their photos and/or video to be focused on themselves.

People that are drawn to my work are people that want custom curated sessions and art that reflects their true character. This means locations, outfits, & poses are all carefully chosen to showcase their personality, & relationship.

I only take a very limited amount of bookings per season so I can give each couple the attention and care they need. My couples receive numerous guides and tips and I truly take the time to prepare you for every session and make your imagery unique.


I grew up as a closeted gay, overweight, and broke. I loved art so, so much but I was afraid to express any of my artistic or “feminine” talents because I did’t want anyone to know I was gay. 

When I graduated high school I decided to come out of the closet, travel the world (with barely any money to my name), and take pictures and videos which is what I loved most. I went to France first, and then throughout the next few years I have had thee privilege of filming and photographing couples in over 65 countries.  

I have had the privilege of working with many celebrities including the Princess of Tonga, Michael Dean, Life Before Kids, and David Archuleta.  

Now, I travel to a destination wedding about every month.


I edit my work to look natural and bright so that it stays visually stunning forever. I avoid using trendy filters that go in and out of style or tones that aren’t true.




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