Why with me?

 I am an experienced photographer and videographer who has built a business that averages a net income of $190,000+ a year. I have experience shooting family photos, portraits, travel videos, wedding videos, and more. I WANT TO SHARE MY SECRETS WITH YOU and I am committed to taking your business to the next level. I am also an avid traveler and my success has taken me to over 65 countries, so I know how to plan an amazing trip jam-packed with activities, the best things to see, and experiences you will never forget.


Workshop Retreat

What is a photo & video workshop retreat?

A photo & video workshop retreat is a trip somewhere beautiful where I have planned photo/video lessons, styled shoots, excursions, and activities.

What if I am a beginner photographer or videographer? What if I am advanced?

My photo and video workshops are custom tailored to every level. I will be able to get to know each of you personally and help you learn super helpful tips and tricks that will really transform your art and business.

How much money should I bring on the photo & video workshop?

You are responsible for covering the cost of your lunch and dinner every day. As well as any souvenirs.

Can I stay longer before/after the workshop retreat?

Yes! You are more than welcome to get there before us or stay longer than the workshop retreat dates. Please note: If you arrive outside of the workshop retreat dates, the free drop off and pick up from the airport does not apply.

What level of physical shape do I need to be in?

My photo and video workshop retreats are designed to be fun and adventurous. There will be walking and hiking at different parts of the workshop retreat. You should feel comfortable with moderate exercise and adventure.

Can I bring a spouse or significant other? Can I come alone?

Yes. You can bring your spouse, a friend, or just come by yourself. There will be plenty of solo attendees as well as some couples on the workshop retreat.

Stay in the loop

Get notified when early bird pricing is about to end.

You will also get freebies, updates and more trip info so you don't miss a thing.

    Stay in the Loop.

    Get notified when early bird pricing is about to end.

    You will also get updates, freebies and more trip info so you don't miss a thing.