Wedding Tips for Photography & Videography

Want to know how a photographer would plan a wedding? What would really make your wedding video look amazing? What should you wear for your engagements? I am here to help with all the best wedding tips for photography and videography.


1. DON’T wear plaid, or clothing with lots of tiny patterns. Plaid doesn’t look good on camera and small patterns can cause moire (weird, unintentional lines).

2. Most couples choose to do an outfit change. A dressier outfit and a casual, relaxed outfit. Don’t forget to bring accessories for both.

3. If you coordinate your wedding colors into your outfits then your printed photos will match at the wedding. Your save the date invitations will also match your colors and theme.

4. If you want a romantic look then wear something long and flowy.

5. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and wear something unique to you. This is your shoot after all. These tips are just tips. The shoot is about you and your lover so wear whatever you feel confident in.  Feeling confident is key to great photos.


1. Bring a bouquet. It will give you something to do with your hands and give you twice as many posing variations to work with.

2. Work with industry professionals. Hiring an experienced and talented stylist, florist, and hair and make-up artist is crucial. See my recommended vendors here.

3. Do a first look or dress reveal at the beginning of your session.

4. Don’t forget your wedding rings.

5. Looking for inspiration for your session? I work with a team to make styling your session easy and all inclusive. Check out how to stylize your session here.


1. Tell your officiant to slide out of the way when you kiss so you can have that shot be just the two of you.

2. Tell your guests to refrain from using their cell phones to take pictures during the ceremony, and to fill in the front seats first so there aren’t empty gaps.

3. Look at your fiancé during the ceremony not the officiant (even though he/she will be talking).

5. Make sure your photographer gets shots of the venue decorations, details, and all the hard work you put into making your wedding beautiful and meaningful.

6. Tell your videographer to use a “directional mic” to record your vows so they don’t hook a mic on your dress.