Learn. Grow. Thrive.

Learning from someone directly in your field can propel you further than any photography or videography college course ever could. Because I. Get. It. Let’s skip all of the coursework and dive right into the good stuff of what really helps grow your business.

All of my photography and videography mentorships below are designed to help you master different pieces of the business.

Marketing Workshop $950

Marketing is what scaled by bookings and my prices more than any other factor. Setting up ads, a funneling system, an email campaign, and getting bookings/sales is what I THRIVE in and know more than anyone else in the industry. Through running ads since they first became available on facebook over 10 years ago, I have learned the best settings, delivery, and optimizations to get you the bookings you deserve. I spend about $4K a year on ads and generate over $250K per year. IT WORKS. 

Your marketing workshop includes:

-A one on one lesson

-Facebook/instagram ads set up and optimization settings 

-Marketing plan




  • Booking your first wedding 
  • Getting published 
  • Getting commission referrals from wedding planners and venues
  • Honing in on who your ideal client is
  • Looking at where you are and helping you get to where you want to be
  • Increasing your sales and bookings and how to market yourself
  • Improving your social media strategy
  • Attracting your dream clients
  • Developing your skills and talents further 
  • Branding
  • Tackling your fears and pushing past them


For photographers: We will take a deep dive into Lightroom, presets, and your personal brand aesthetic. We will go over how I edit my photos and I will show you my productivity workflow as well as teach you how to give your photos that magical glow. I have experimented and edited in every photography style so no matter what your shooting and editing style is I will give you the look you are going for (dark and moody, light and airy, natural, punchy, etc.).  You will also learn how to make your photos stand out, how to make them uniquely your own and establish a brand, and how to kill at white balance and skin tone.

For videographers: We will jump right into FCPX and my editing workflow. How to colorgrade your films, recommended LUTS and effects that make your film tack sharp, and useful tools that help editing easier. We will go over everything such as song choice, timing, keyframes, transitions, and how to give your videos a polished glow. 



Mentorships include:

-One hour coaching call

-Business plan

-Editing workshop

-On the job shadowing for one engagement session

-On the job shadowing for two weddings

-An unlimited Q&A and support throughout those two months



This powerful, no-fluff course gives you the knowledge, resources, and skills to hit the ground running in wedding videography. It cuts out all of the extra nonsense and gives easy to follow settings to use, direct equipment links, and an editing tutorial to get you started TODAY.

-10 efficiently focused video tutorials 
-Equipment gear recommendations and links
-Over 40 minutes of video content total

Videos included: Intro, settings to use, equipment, stabilization, audio, editing tutorial, converting presets to LUTS, music licensing, delivery, & how to price yourself.

Due to the nature of downloadable products, no refunds of any kind will be given for any reason. All sales are final.



“I picked up a camera for the first time 1.5 years ago, created an Instagram, website, and expected the bookings to come rolling in… I made probably $2oo total from my work in following few months. I was beaten down, burned out, and ready to give up on my dream of being a full time photographer and videographer. That’s when I met Branson and had him mentor me.

I OWE THE SUCCESS OF MY BUSINESS TO BRANSON. He changed my business and in turn my life through his photography and videography mentoring. By the end of my photography and videography mentoring I had booked 5 weddings and was able to quit my day job to go full time with wedding photo and video. Within 3 months of my mentorship ending I had booked my first out of state wedding while continually booking in state weddings. Now, I am traveling the states and the world capturing destination weddings for dream clients in NYC, Estonia, Georgia, LA,  Maine, Vail, Seattle, Pennsylvania, Portland, as well as six National Parks. I am living the life I always dreamed of and I owe it all to the skills he taught me and the marketing plan I received.” – Michael Cozzens


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