For photographers: We will take a deep dive into Lightroom, presets, and your personal brand aesthetic. We will go over how I edit my photos and I will show you my productivity workflow as well as teach you how to give you your photos that magical glow. I have experimented and edited in every photography style so no matter what your shooting and editing style is I know how to give you the look you are going for (dark and moody, light and airy, natural, punchy, etc.).  Also learn how to make your photos stand out, how to make them uniquely your own and establish a brand, and how to kill at white balance and skin tone.

For videographers: We will jump right into FCPX and my editing workflow. How to colorgrade your films, recommended LUTS and effects that make your film tack sharp, and useful tools that help editing easier. We will go over everything from song choice, timing, keyframes, transitions, and giving your videos a polished glow.