This retreat is a fully planned tour through one of the most beautiful and enchanting countries in the world, Thailand. All centered around cultivating friendship, belly laughing, & working on yourself. Think summer camp meets self help workshop.


This is a retreat for anyone looking for adventure, inspiration, and motivation to work on yourself. With a fully planned itinerary dripping with excursions & activities. Explore ancient villages, participate in a Thai cooking class, canoe around limestone islands, and engage in evening workshops.

This tour is for you if:

-You want to make friends summer camp style

-You consider yourself a creative person

– You are an entrepreneur, photographer, writer, videographer, planner, florist, dancer, designer, musician, artist, or just someone that would enjoy self help workshops

You want to see Thailand and have a carefully planned tour

-You wanted to be surrounded by influential people


Itinerary: 8 days & 7 nights. A self help retreat jam packed with activities and workshops. Retreats like these usually range from around $4,200 -$5,000 USD but our exact pricing and discounts info is near bottom of page.


  • Fully planned tour from beginning to end
  • Hand picked, stunning accommodations
  • Forge new friendships 
  • Indulge in amazing food 
  • Six workshop lessons
  • Explore Monkey Hill 
  • Interact and feed Elephants (ethically) 
  • Visit a giant 145 feet tall big buddha statue
  • Full boat tour of to the most beautiful place on earth.
  • Culinary thai cooking class
  • Island canoeing and snorkeling 
  • Explore a handful of temples & shrines
  • Yoga and spa relaxation day with a thai massage
  • Attend the world famous Full Moon Party



Explore the islands of Thailand on a traditional long tail boat.


Interact and feed Elephants at an elephant sanctuary (an ethical sanctuary that does not permit riding or bathing with the elephants).


A day devoted to Thailand's food. Including a curry and Pad Thai cooking class.


The second largest seated Buddha statue in the world.


Start the day off with morning yoga then relax during a full body massage.


A well-known destination full of wild monkeys.


Optional at your own cost ($25-$45) - Interact with tigers at a tiger sanctuary


Attend Thailands famous Full Moon Party in Phuket.


Don't Miss the Deadline

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    The Workshop Lessons:

    Every day (except arrival and departure days) will have a workshop lesson. All workshops are suitable for anyone that wants to gain new insight & push themselves.

    1. Personal One-On-One Coaching Workshop: Where you are at, where you want to go, and steps to accomplish your goals.

    2. Team Building Workshop: Summer camp style games & competitions to build your connections (and because life is supposed to be fun). 

    3. Marketing & Sales Workshop: Secrets on how to sell, as well as how to run Instagram/Tik Tok ads for the entrepreneurs.

    4. Self Help Workshop: Inspired by the book “You Are A Badass,” discover your true potential and push yourself to a new level. 

    5. Photography/Videography Secrets Workshop: Master the art of capturing photos and videos (as well as editing secrets) with little effort.

    6. Design & Styling workshop: Understand design principles and how to leverage them, including a flatlay demonstration.

    Daily personal shoots: The most Instagramable spots in Thailand. Be behind the camera as well as in front of the camera.

    Itinerary: 8 days and 7 nights.

    A meticulously planned retreat from beginning to end. Including more activities and excursions than ever before. 

    Dec 9th

    Arrive in Phuket, Thailand and settle in to our eye catching & instagram-worthy accommodation. Walking tour with your new group exploring the city. We will then have a welcome dinner after sunset and orientation overview. 

    Dec 10th

    Site seeing day. Start the day exploring the giant buddha statue for photos. Then head to Monkey Hill to interact with the wild monkeys. In the evening we will do our Personal One-On-One Coaching Workshop.

    Dec 11th

    Island boat tour day. This day will be one of your favorite life memories. We will be exploring the islands of Thailand aboard a beautiful boat while snorkeling, swimming, and canoeing the hidden coves. Be ready to see the “avatar” limestone formations and some of the most vibrant water on the planet. Finishing off the day with our Team Building & Games Workshop.

    Dec 12th

    Elephant sanctuary day. Interact with & feed our friendly giants at an ethical sanctuary that does not allow riding or bathing. Get to take photos, learn about the elephants, and have a blast interacting with them. Today’s workshop lesson is the Marketing, Sales, & Bargaining Workshop. 

    Dec 13th

    Culinary day. We will be indulging in Thai cuisines and take a traditional Thai cooking class. We will make pad thai, curries, and more. Finishing off the night with our Self Help Workshop. 

    Dec 14th

    Full moon party day. We will be attending the world famous Full Moon Party in Phuket. Participate in the massive beach party that includes fire shows, glow-in-the-dark paint, entertainers, lanterns, and a full evening of dancing. We will be doing our Photography/Videography Secrets Workshop before the party begins. 

    Dec 15th

    Relaxation and Spa day. Start the morning with a beautiful sunrise yoga class. We will then be spoiled with a full body thai massage to relax & rejuvenate. The Design & Styling Workshop will end our workshop lessons.

    Dec 16th

    We will be having a farewell breakfast, do a photo/video exchange, and say our goodbyes. Departing one by one depending on the time you booked your flight home. 


    What’s Included:

    • Accommodation for all 7 nights
    • Airport pickup and drop off
    • All transportation during the retreat 
    • Breakfast every morning
    • All excursions
    • All workshop lessons
    • All admission fees to excursions 
    • All group activities
    • Culinary class
    • Yoga and Spa day (with full body massage) 
    • Island boat tour

    What’s Not Included:

    • Roundtrip airfare to Phuket, Thailand (Flights range from about $850 – $1350 roundtrip from U.S)
    • Souvenirs
    • Lunch and dinner per day (except dinner on culinary day). Meals in Thailand are $2-$7. 


    $3,050 USD per person

    Early Bird Pricing:

    $750 off for the first 6 people that book ($2,300 USD per person)


    Imagine yourself in Thailand.

    Picture yourself in Thailand learning, exploring, and laughing in the company of a close-knit group. Marvel at breathtaking limestone cliffs and ancient shrines. If you’ve been waiting for a meticulously planned trip somewhere exotic, this is your moment. When was the last time you marveled at something, laughed wholeheartedly, or traveled somewhere truly captivating?

    How To Sign Up

    A 25% deposit is required to book. *Note that images used on this page are for inspiration only and are not taken by me, credit goes to each photographer respectively. This workshop retreat is open to anyone 18+ who wants to travel.