A fully planned tour through one of the most beautiful and exotic countries in the world, Thailand. All centered around photography and videography. Including more than ever, this photo and video retreat consists of bathing with elephants, canoeing to limerock islands, petting tigers, going to monkey hill, taking a Thai cooking class, and a spa day.


This is a photo and video retreat for anyone looking for adventure, inspiration, and knowledge. Everything from visiting an elephant sanctuary, to exploring the ancient village of the long neck tribe, as well as immersing yourself in the culture of Thailand through cooking classes, this photo and video retreat will finally be your excuse to be that person that says “I am going to Thailand in March”. 

This tour is for you if:

-You want to make friends and be in a tight-knit group

-You want to have amazing photos/videos of you in Thailand

-You are a photographer and want to learn & grow

-You are a videographer and want to learn & grow

-You are a photographer who wants to learn more about video or vice versa

You just want to see Thailand and have a fully planned tour

-You want to take your photo/video business to the next level

-You have always wanted to do a photo and video retreat

-You are a creative and want to be surrounded by other influential people


Itinerary: 9 days & 8 nights. A photo and video retreat planned from beginning to end for YOU. Pricing info near bottom of page.


  • Fully planned tour from beginning to end
  • Visit the Long Neck Tribe
  • Hand picked, double occupancy accommodation
  • Make new creative friends who support you
  • Amazing food 
  • Play and interact with tigers 
  • Experience an elephant sanctuary. Bathe, ride, and play with them.
  • Culinary evening! (we will be making massaman curry or Pad Thai)
  • Full boat day to the most beautiful place on earth.
  • Island canoeing and snorkeling 
  • Visit 6 Thai temples/shrines
  • Yoga and spa relaxation day with a thai massage
  • Build a huge portfolio (photo, video, or both)
  • Monkey Hill and Hedgehog Cafe



Bathe, ride, and play with elephants in a beautiful jungle location.


A day devoted to Thailand's food. Including a curry and Pad Thai cooking class.


A well-known destination full of wild and adorable monkeys.


A cafe full of adorable hedgehogs and cute little dollhouses.


The second largest seated Buddha statue in the world.


Start the day off with morning yoga then relax during a full body massage and scrub.


Ancient tribe of the Karen who were brass coils around their neck.


Pet, play with, and take photos with a tiger.


Explore the islands of Thailand on a traditional long tail boat. A perfect ending to our photo and video retreat.

Chiang Rai

Day trip to the white, black, and blue temples of Chiang Rai.


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    The Workshop Lessons:

    Every day (except arrival and departure days) will have a workshop lesson. All workshops are suitable for photographers & videographers from beginner (and I mean beginner) to advanced (at any level of success) and are custom geared towards the groups knowledge. 

    1. Personal portfolio review and one-on-one coaching workshop: Where you are at, where you want to go, and steps to accomplish your goals.


    2. Camera settings workshop: Everything from basic ISO, shutter, and aperture, to advanced modes and tips. 


    3. Shooting workshop: Lighting, posing, and composition.


    4. Editing workshop: Software, presets/LUTS, editing photos or video from start to end to give it that “Instagram magic” look.


    5. Social media growth workshop: How to create an amazing feed and secrets to Instagram growth and reach. 


    6. Facebook Marketing workshop: How to find high paying clients, manage a successful business, and make MONEY.


    7. Email Marketing and Sales Funnels: How to get high end clients to book with you and create a working marketing funnel.

    Daily personal shoots: The most Instagramable spots in Thailand. Be behind the camera as well as in front of the camera.

    Itinerary: 9 days and 8 nights.

    A photo and video retreat planned from beginning to end for the adventurer. Including more than ever. 

    March 28th

    Arrival in Chiang Mai and settling in to our amazing accommodation. Walking tour with your new group exploring the Old city and visiting the worlds first Hedgehog Cafe. We will then have a welcome dinner after sunset and orientation overview of activities and itinerary. 

    March 29th

    Tiger Sanctuary and Village Day. Visit the tiger sanctuary where you can play with, pet, and take pictures with full grown tigers. After a short bus ride away we will stop by the long neck tribe. In the evening we will do our personal portfolio review and one-on-one coaching workshop. 

    March 30th

    Temple day. Take a tour through northern Chiang Rai to see the most ornate and intricate temples of Thailand. We will see and walk through the world famous white, blue, and black temples. Our camera settings workshop will be very hands on during the day as we are walking around the temples.

    March 31st

    Elephant sanctuary day. Play with, bathe with, and ride our friendly giants for a half day. After we finish we will be heading to the monuments of Doi Sutheep and Wat Chedi Luang. Today’s workshop lesson is the shooting workshop. 

    April 1st

    Travel and cooking day. We will be flying from Chiang Mai to Phuket (this plane ticket is included in workshop price) and have a traditional Thai cooking class at night. We will make pad thai, curries, and more. Finishing off the night with our editing workshop. 

    April 2nd

    Relaxation and Spa day. Start the morning with a beautiful sunrise yoga class. We will then do exfoliating body scrubs and full body thai massages to relax for the day. The social media workshop will be this afternoon/evening where we will talk all thing about social media secrets , branding, and growth.

    April 3rd

    Monkey and monastery day. We will visit the second largest Buddha shrine in the world and then head to Monkey Hill. This is where a large population of monkeys live and you can even feed them bananas from your hands! We will finish off the day with the email marketing strategies and sales funnels workshop.

    April 4th

    Island boat tour day. This will probably be the best day of your life. Exploring the islands of Thailand aboard a beautiful boat while snorkeling, swimming, and canoeing the hidden coves. Be ready to see stunning “avatar” limestone formations and some of the most vibrant water on the planet. Finishing off the workshop lessons with our social media marketing workshop.

    April 5th

    We will be having a farewell breakfast, do a photo/video exchange, and say our goodbyes. Departing one by one depending on the time you booked your flight home. 


    What’s Included:

    • Accommodation for all 8 nights (based on double occupancy)
    • Airport pickup and drop off 
    • All transportation during the tour 
    • Airplane ticket from Phuket to Chiang Mai
    • Breakfast every morning
    • All excursions
    • All workshop lessons
    • All admission fees to excursions 
    • All group activities
    • Admission to the elephant and tiger sanctuaries
    • Culinary class
    • Yoga and Spa day (with full body massage) 
    • Island boat tour

    What’s Not Included:

    • Roundtrip airfare to Thailand (flying into Chiang Mai and out of Phuket). Flights range from about $950 – $1350 roundtrip from U.S.A.
    • Souvenirs
    • Lunch and dinner per day (except dinner on culinary day). Meals in Thailand are $2-$7. 


    $2,900 per person. 

    Early Bird Pricing:

    $2,400 per person. (Ending soon).


    Imagine yourself in Thailand.

    You will be surrounded by jungles, animals, and creative people. If you have been waiting for an exotic vacation but never actually got around to planning one, THIS IS WHY YOU ARE READING THIS. When is the last time you have seen a photo and video tour like this? Put yourself first and invest in your happiness. There will never be a time where every date, price, and circumstance lines up perfectly so make a sacrifice and join. You will thank yourself later. 

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    I require a 25% deposit to book.  This tour is open to anyone 18+ whether you are a photographer, videographer, or just want to travel.