Are you searching for an experienced LDS temple wedding videographer who can capture every moment of your beautiful wedding day? Having been raised Mormon, I am familiar with the traditions of an LDS temple wedding. My upbringing has prepared me for my role in the wedding industry as an LDS wedding photographer & an LDS wedding videographer. I’m sharing my insights for capturing your temple wedding, as well as a few of my favorite weddings, in the blog below.

Let me start by saying, that your videographer will not be allowed inside the temple to capture your sealing. However, my experience as a temple wedding videographer has taught me that the “moment” is when the temple doors swing open. I like to arrive at your temple early so I can capture details and footage from the grounds of your temple. From there, I will be able to arrange the members of your wedding party on either side of the temple doors for the moment of your arrival.

Additionally, many of my couples love to finish their wedding day with a ring exchange or private vows in front of their family and friends. All of these moments that make up the tale of your love story can be captured by your LDS wedding videographer.

Saratoga Springs Temple Wedding

Rachel and Gavin’s wedding at Saratoga Springs Temple was a winter wonderland. But the unexpected snowfall only added a layer of magic to their beautiful wedding day. I arrived to the the temple grounds early in order to capture the moment they made their grand exit. The members of their wedding party, parents, and beloved family members were overjoyed to see Rachel and Gavin as newlyweds. The grand exit is the perfect time for your guests to be waiting for your arrival with bubbles or ribbon wands. But it’s also the perfect time for you to go in for an epic dip and grab that first kiss as a married couple. Which is exactly what Rachel and Gavin did.

After their arrival, Rachel & Gavin received all the warmth and love of their friends and family who were overjoyed for them. As Rachel and Gavin’s LDS wedding videographer, I then worked with them on a few private moments. Moments that fit into the bigger picture of their love story. A tender embrace by the gates of their temple, and a still moment between the two of them with an overview of their temple in the backdrop.

Once we left their temple, Rachel & Gavin performed a ring exchange that was presided over by Rachel’s father. In front of all of their guests, Rachel’s father talked at length about how their rings are a symbol of everlasting love. An exquisite winter wonderland reception followed and the night was spent in celebration. You can see all the details I captured as Rachel and Gavin’s LDS wedding videographer, in the video below.

Provo Temple Wedding

Samantha and Matthew’s wedding at Provo Temple was special on so many levels. In fact, Provo Temple is where Samantha’s parents were sealed. Samantha knew that one day when she found the person she loved, her sealing would be in the same temple. Their wedding also took place during an unexpected snowfall, but for Samantha and Matthew, it was fortuitous. So many moments of their love story were interwoven with the snow. Including a car ride in the snow on their first date.

I arrived at Provo Temple early in order to be fully present as their LDS wedding videographer. I knew how important it would be to capture the moment the doors to the temple swung open. And when they did, it was easy to see the joy plastered across Samantha & Matthew’s faces, which was a forever kind of feeling. After their sealing, they chose to exchange private vows in front of their friends and family. Beautiful words were spoken by the bride & groom. Meanwhile, I turned their moment into a video to look back on for a lifetime.

Samantha and Matthew are such a vibrant couple, yet they are so tender and at ease with each other. They love to sing, and dance, and yes, they have danced with each other in the snow. When it’s not snowing outside, they love enjoying the great outdoors and mountain biking together. As their wedding day unfolded, I also noticed how many people surrounded Samantha and Matthew. From the littlest members of their wedding party to family and lifelong friends. In their wedding video, you’ll get to see all of their beautiful guests who were right by their side enjoying ice cream and holding up sparklers for them to exit their reception.

Payson Temple Wedding

As Krystal and Will’s LDS wedding videographer, I was thrilled with the cloudless sky as we prepared for their arrival. As always, I arrived at Payson Temple early enough to capture some footage of the grounds for their wedding video. From there, we organized the bridesmaids & groomsmen on either side of the temple doors and patiently waited for Krystal & Will.

Krystal and Will came through the doors of Payson Temple overjoyed. They went right in for a big newlywed kiss in front of all their guests. They had a large size group waiting for their arrival. So, I immediately got to work organizing the group in front of the temple for their epic group shot. From there, we worked on smaller groupings around the perimeter of the temple, including back at the temple door. This allowed flexibility for their different group sizes. Consequently, it also gave Krsytal and Will multiple montages of Payson Temple in their wedding video. 

The color palette and details of Krystal & Will’s wedding were planned for the season. The bridesmaids wore cornflower blue gowns and carried hoops with arrangements of winter white wedding florals. After a few twirls in the snow, it was time for Krystal and Will’s winter wedding celebration. Kyrstal was a stunning bride with a bright smile.

Their barn-style reception venue was accented with twinkling lights & glittering silver trees. Tying together their winter theme was a beautiful white wedding cake. On the dance floor, guests got silly with heart-shaped blue sunglasses. As their LDS wedding videographer, I captured every moment and you can see all the details in the video below.

You can find more details on working with me as your LDS temple wedding videographer, at this link.