Do you know the better place to take your engagement photos than at the sand dunes? There is nothing better than the Little Sahara Desert. This beautiful destination is chosen by a majority of couples for their engagement sessions.

     Well, the engagement ceremony is a big moment in everyone’s life. It’s like a pre-wedding and everyone strive hard to create beautiful memories for this special day. And nothing beats a romantic engagement in Little Sahara as this amazing destination has a lot to offer. DO YOU KNOW? What’s the most important thing to make the most out of your engagement day? Engagement Photography!

     One of my favorite locations in Utah to take photos at is the Little Sahara. Many people don’t know that this is located only about an hour south of Provo! There are desolate sand dunes for as far as the eye can see, unique trees, and the best part is there isn’t a line of photographers there that get in your way.

     A few months ago, I got a chance to capture the beautiful moments of a sweet, romantic couple at their engagement.  We reached our scheduled location on time and started shooting, capturing the wonderful moments of this sweet couple. It was so much fun to watch them together and capture them. Their smiles were so attractive and I had a lot of fun and it was the day I can never forget.

     I’m beyond happy and grateful that everything went so well in their engagement session. It was really my pleasure to have met such a sweet and  fun couple. I am so excited with what we created together. Check their engagement photos and see how they made my day!

     If you’re looking for a professional Utah Engagement Photographer for romantic engagements in Little Sahara, feel free to contact Branson Maxwell.

     Branson Maxwell is one of the premier local photographers and videographers in Utah. He captures romantic weddings and engagements through his award-winning photography and videography.