I am over the moon to share that I was voted best wedding photographer in Utah for 2023. Utah’s best-of-state awards support art, literature, science, and technology. Plus so many more amazing categories across the state that celebrate artists, small businesses, and innovators.

As the end of the year draws to a close, it’s always a time for reflection. I look back on the couples I’ve worked with, business growth, and personal growth. I know this reflective state happens to many of us as we wait to usher in the New Year. But, upon reflection, how often do we stop to celebrate the hurdles we’ve overcome and the milestone moments? This moment, for me, is an outlet for celebration. Because being voted the best wedding photographer in Utah, only comes after clearing those hurdles, and experiencing every facet of that growth.

A while back, I was featured on a segment for ABC News. I thought pairing that segment with the announcement of my best-in-state award was a beautiful way to wrap the year. And the second segment? It’s another interview I was featured on, but for my floral business Wild Earth Designs. Which, coincidentally, was voted the Best Wedding Florist in Utah. It’s a pinch-me moment that business owners dream of. Only through the long nights and those uncertain moments of apprehension while being a new business owner, do we ever let our minds wander to where we might arrive someday. 


For me, the launch of my business came after embarking on my first solo trip to Eurpoe. After visiting Paris and falling in love with the Parisian culture, I was deeply inspired. I wanted to memorialize the historic buildings I visited, the quaint cafes that were a place of gathering, and the pace of the Parisian lifestyle. Upon my return, I picked up a camera. Most would say “and the rest is history, but, not so fast. The photo is only the beginning. What came next was diving into color theory through editing. Creating presets on Lightroom, and deciding how I wanted to portray my brand to the world.

I dove into the wedding industry, where photography is highly coveted and gives couples what they need in order to look back on the most amazing day of their lives. I learned how to pay attention to the smallest of details. But also how to apply color theory to my couple’s photos in a way that was true to my brand, while also accurately representing their cherished moments.

And so, as this year draws to a close, I remember how that first trip to Paris was the driving force behind creating my brand. I honor the long nights it took to get me to where I am today, and with gratitude, I celebrate being the recipient of the award for the best wedding photographer in Utah.