This beautiful wedding venue in Midway, Utah, is the stuff that fine-art visions are made of. There’s lots of gorgeous wedding venues in Midway, but Rivers Bottom Ranch is likely the most exquisite. I am also proud to say that I am a Preferred Photographer and Videographer at Rivers Bottom. What that means is that I am knowledgeable about the venue, have worked here a multitude of times, and am a trusted partner of the venue. I think it’s important to hire vendors that have experience at particular venue. Each venue has its idiosyncrasies and Rivers bottom Ranch is no exception. 

About Rivers Bottom Ranch

Rivers Bottom Ranch is an indoor/outdoor wedding space that is meant to inspire and touch your soul. I’m particularly fond of the 360 degree views of the valley, river and mountain peaks of Mt. Timpanogos in the distance. One of the highlights of the wedding venue is the interior barn space with hanging chandeliers that provide a black contrast against the dreamy white walls which creates a modern farmhouse vibe. It’s a super easy venue to have an upscale wedding at — no matter the ambiance you wish to create. Everything here has been thought of and was created with the intention of giving you a luxurious wedding experience that is both elegant as well as easeful. 

Color Scheme and Details

This lovingly created palette brought in fresh peaches, golds, vibrant greenery, and a modern french blue. This neutral and European inspired color palette gave way to the bright white walls of the interior space. And of course, incredible outdoor opportunities for couples portraits. Our bride and groom models were styled in classic attire that helped create a laidback atmosphere. And I can’t not mention the wedding bouquet. Imbued with dreams of warm summers and a pale french blue ribbon that created a stunning contrast. I can’t say enough about pairing a good ribbon with your bouquet, too! As you know, I’m a light and airy wedding photographer, and  I was in heaven during this shoot. I also loved the intricate flat lays that really elevated the event. I think that classic neutral invitations are always in style, especially when paired with some pale blues. 

Inspiration behind this Styled Wedding

We wanted to really incorporate ethereal colors that brought out the creamy white walls of the interior barn, and played up the sweeping green exterior. I think we did a great job! Rachael Ellen Events was the planner behind this magic and feminine styled wedding and I think she did a fantastic job bringing in all the old-world charm of Rivers Bottom front and center. Our idea was to create a neutral but fine-art inspired palette that is both playful and luxurious. Can you imagine getting married here? I certainly could.