This luscious bridal session was the stuff that pastel and dreamy vibes are made of. With an overflowing pinks and pale blues contrasted by the olive green backdrop, it made for a beautiful session. Tunnel Springs Park a memorable location to do bridal photos and here’s why. I absolutely adore finding hidden gems to take my clients, and this was no exception. Keep reading to see all the awesome spots within the park that are perfect for photos. 

What makes this Salt Lake Park an amazing spot for photos

I love, love, love photographing couples here for a few reasons! There’s a wide variety of scenery and it almost looks like the locations are two different places … but they’re not. So in even a shorter session, you can capture a wide variety of backdrops without driving all over town. This couple opted for a classic look with a navy blue suit, a minimalist dress and pastel tones that really played up the natural ambiance of the park. Also, check out this other session I shot here a while back for even more inspo!

With its rolling golden hills, hiking trails, tall grasses, and olive toned tree archways, it makes for an incredibly versatile location. Also, if you want to bring your furry friends, dogs are allowed here.

Final thoughts

If you want an easily accessible location from Salt Lake City but still want incredibly epic views, I highly recommend Tunnel Springs Park. It has a little of everything that makes it perfect for so many different types of sessions. Whether you want to be like this couple and do your bridals here, or even an engagement photos session … it’ll be gorgeous. 

Bridal Video at Tunnel Springs Park