This adorable couple had their First Look at the Little Sahara in Nephi, Utah. This bohemian first look was at sunset and it was dreamy and perfect. The desert has unique vibes that fit the boho aesthetic perfectly.

The Drive to Little Sahara

This story is pretty funny and really adds to the ambiance of the First Look Session. They didn’t want to drive in separate cars to get to their first look spot so she wrapped herself up in a blanket and rode in the back of the car. He was not allowed to look back. And he, surprisingly, didn’t. You can tell by his genuine reaction when seeing her on the dunes for the first time.

Why you should do your First Look at the Little Sahara

Southern Utah has some incredible dunes, and the Little Sahara is as close to perfect as you can get. Check out this engagement session I did there. It’s a seriously gorgeous place if you want desert aesthetic for your photos or video. With the openness of the desert, you can really create any tones you want. My couple opted to do a moody fall-inspired colors in her bouquet which contrasted beautifully across the openness. And we can’t talk about this session without talking about her dress! It was a floor length gown that was entirely made up of lace. I love lace and this one was so intricate. And of course, cathedral length veils will really add to the ambiance of pretty much anything. I hope you love this dreamy video as much as I had making it.