I have been to over 65 countries (Like this other video a couple flew me to Argentina!) and have documented weddings all over the world. This East Coast Private Estate Wedding was the stuff that dreams were made out of and I am so honored to have been a part of it. I haven’t filmed any weddings in Philadelphia before this. I love the vibes of the East coast, though. It’s very different from Utah!

Inspiration behind this East Coast Private Estate Wedding

My couple wanted an elevated experience that was completely private and luxurious. Of course, I love it when couples incorporate elements into their wedding that are different and unique to them and their personalities. This couple topped the top of my list! I loved all their wild amazing ideas and I was a huge fan of their design. The couple had women that were dressed up essentially as the Elements. I love that it added a unique tone to the elevated atmosphere. 

Attire of this Wedding

This event was black-tie and was beautiful to witness in action. The groomsmen looked particularly dapper and the guests were all dressed to the nines. The bridesmaids were equally dressed in all black white was a beautiful sight contrasted to the beautiful bride in white. It felt very Vanity Fair, and I was here for it. Black, white, and pampas events are some of my favorites because they are becoming the new classic wedding. Classic weddings are a huge favorite of mine because they are incredibly elegant and magnificent. 

East Coast Private Estate Wedding 

This Philadelphia Private Estate was secluded and exclusive and I loved the little slice of heaven it provided. I found out that the property actually belongs to the brides cousin, which makes it that much more special. It was a stunning and woods inspired venue that was super remote. I love that as a destination wedding videographer, I get to travel the world and experience amazing things. This includes all of the amazing people I get to meet, as well. I will fly wherever there are couples in love who want bright and dreamy imagery of their wedding day. 

Final thoughts on this wedding

I love that I got to experience such a magical day with my couple, and that they had the wedding of their dreams. I adore seeing dream weddings happen that incorporated everything they could think of. It was a truly magical day that was an honor to document and wishing these two the happiest of lives together. 

Below is their highlight video which I intentionally included a lot of drone footage to show the sheer magnitude of their venue.