So often, my couples are curious about the best photo locations in Salt Lake City! Whether it’s for their engagement session or their wedding day portraits, everyone wants that gorgeous outdoor location to create a backdrop that fits their love story. Having worked on couples photography in some of the most amazing photo locations in Salt Lake City, I thought it would be fun to put together my top three locations in this guide. Below, you’ll find my tips on each location, what to expect, and all the details you need to know before arriving. Keep reading for more!

Millcreek Canyon

First on the list of the best photo locations in Salt Lake City is Millcreek Canyon! Millcreek Canyon is located on the east side of the Salt Lake Valley, just south of I-80 and Parleys Canyon. The Canyon is an oasis of outdoor sports such as hiking, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing. It is filled with the most amazing views, perfect for capturing your engagement photos or wedding portraits!

What to Expect | Gorgeous views of the Wasatch Mountains off in the distance and stunning scenery of the canyon filling the frame of your photos.

Visiting Millcreek Canyon | There is a daily “user fee” associated with visiting Millcreek Canyon, the current price is $5 per day.

Scheduling Your Session

Millcreek Canyon is closed from November 1st until late spring, so a winter photo shoot is out of the question. However, the canyon is alive with verdant greenery and lush topiaries in the spring and summer months. Millcreek Canyon does allow dogs but they must be leashed. So if your pup is the third member of your small family, you can bring them along to your shoot! The last thing you need to know about capturing photos at Millcreek Canyon is that alcohol is strictly prohibited. This means no photos of you and your partner popping a champagne bottle in celebration. I love working with my couples during sunset for photos with that unforgettable glow. However, Millcreek Canyon can get congested with foot traffic from hikers and campers. So it’s important we work together to schedule your photo shoot at a time that feels less “busy”.

Getting There | To get to Millcreek Canyon, take I-215 South from I-80. Take exit 4 off of I-215 and go left (east) on 3900 South. Turn left on Wasatch Blvd just after crossing under the highway, then take the next right on Millcreek Canyon Road.

Tunnel Springs Park

Lying adjacent to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, is Tunnel Springs Park, one of the truly magnificent photo locations in Salt Lake City! It’s a completely free location and full of all the outdoor splendor that Salt Lake City is known for.

What to Expect | Sweeping views of the wetlands, beautifully vibrant earthy tones, and overgrown fields made for frolicking!

Scheduling Your Session

Something to keep in mind when we schedule your photo shoot at Tunnel Springs Park is that it can get very windy! I always recommend getting professional hair and makeup done for an engagement shoot. Just know that if you choose to do this, you will more than likely leave the session with a windblown look, as opposed to the look you arrived with. It’s not uncommon to experience some wind when working in a wide open space such as Tunnel Springs Park for a photo shoot, but we can always make it work.

Visiting Tunnel Springs Park | Tunnel Springs Park is completely free, there is no fee associated with visiting for photography purposes. The park can be busy with foot traffic due to its pavilions, playground, and tennis courts. But, not to worry! I know all of the “hidden” locations where we can work on your engagement photos or wedding portraits. Without being disturbed by parkgoers.

Getting There | Plug this into your GPS! 1080 E Eaglepoint Dr. North Salt Lake, 84054 Want to avoid those parkgoers? Don’t park near the tennis courts! Follow the gravel road (to the east of the tennis courts) to the wide-open area and park there.

Utah State Capitol Building

An absolute favorite among my couples for photo locations in Salt Lake City is the Utah State Capitol Building. The building and its outdoor space are known for their modern appeal with a classic twist. It’s an all-white space accented by stone and marble. The Capitol building produces a timeless backdrop for your heirloom-quality engagement photos and wedding portraits.

What to Expect | In a word, grandeur! The Utah State Capitol building is renowned for its marble columns, opulent gold design, and it’s stone staircase. 

Visiting Utah State Capitol Building | An appointment with the Utah State Capitol Building is not required in order to capture your engagement photos or wedding portraits. Additionally, there is no entrance fee associated with arriving at the Capitol building for non-commercial photography purposes.

Scheduling Your Session

Do you want to schedule your wedding day portraits at the Utah State Capitol Building? We will need to account for travel time on your wedding day timeline.  Additionally, there are specific designated areas within the building to be used for photography purposes. I like to go over all the specifics of where we can shoot, with my couples, during our initial consultation. The State Capitol building is a popular destination for wedding portraits. Meaning, it’s possible that we will not be the only ones there shooting, at the time we’ve selected. You may encounter other couples with their photographer. I always like to remind my couples, if that’s the case, it doesn’t detract from the photography experience we are creating for you. My attention to detail and my mission to provide you with heirloom quality wedding day portraits are still at the front and center of our time together.

Getting There | Parking is available in the public lots located on the east side of the Senate Building. Parking is also allowed along the streets around the perimeter of the Capitol unless otherwise stated by street signs.

That was my round-up of the best photo locations in Salt Lake City! If you’re searching for even more Utah locations to capture your engagement session or wedding portraits check out this post!