With everything going on in the world right now, I feel like this hot air balloon wedding video is the perfect one to share today. What do you do when something goes wrong on your wedding day? For couples getting married in 2020, a more appropriate question might be, what do you do when EVERYTHING seems to go wrong on your wedding day? 

This bride and groom are so fun, sweet and spontaneous. Angel and Staria are both originally from Utah, but the two of them decided to elope to Mesa, Arizona and get married in a hot air balloon! Only their closest friends and family were invited to the small, intimate ceremony as well as yours truly to document it all. You wouldn’t know it from the smiles and laughter captured in their video, but everything seemed to go awry on this wedding day. 

The first, biggest hiccup started when the groom’s entire family was told the wrong location. The vast majority of them didn’t even make it in time to watch the couple say, “I do.” Next, the bride and groom forgot the rings. Then it became apparent that the two of them didn’t actually have a marriage license. In all of the planning and preparations, they had completely forgotten to apply for one. Despite all of that, the ceremony was sweet and full of hope for the future. The three of us and the hot air balloon pilot went up together and enjoyed the stunning views of the Arizona desert all around us. It was lovely and peaceful… until the crash landing that ended with me crumpled in a heap on the bottom of the basket hanging on for dear life!

Through it all, Angel and Staria were so light-hearted and laughed about every crazy moment. It was honestly SO much fun! The two of them were there to commit to each other, and that is exactly what they did. The way they handled every complication that was thrown their way reminded me of what weddings should be focused on. It’s really just all about love. Everything else is extra.