As a destination wedding photographer and videographer, I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of the world. So far, I have traveled to over 65 countries. Every new place I get to visit is always exciting and unique in its own way. Huacachina is a tiny village hidden in the desert of Peru that’s home to only about 100 people. The village is built around a beautiful oasis and surrounded on all sides by sand dunes. I’ve never seen any place like it! It really feels like another world.

Sharda and Thomas are from Argentina and decided to spend their honeymoon in Peru. The couple flew us down to shoot a photo and video session of their time spent hiking and picnicking at Huacachina Oasis. The view of the beautiful scenery from the top of the dunes was spectacular! The oasis of trees began to grow all around the desert lake completely naturally. According to local legend, the water and mud of the lagoon has healing powers. We didn’t get a chance to test this theory, but we did get to spend the afternoon with a wonderful couple in love.

My work is always inspired by honest emotion. This honeymoon video really captures the couple’s love with candid and real moments of the two of them cuddling, being close and just enjoying each other at the beginning of their marriage. 

When choosing a honeymoon destination, I would highly recommend considering Peru. Tens of thousands of tourists visit Huacachina Oasis because of its unique beauty. It’s a location guaranteed to take your breath away! Adventurous couples can enjoy sandboarding and dune buggy rides across the sand dunes. Sunsets shining on the water of the lagoon should not be missed. I can hardly wait for the next time I get the chance to visit!