This adorable celebrity couple did their intimate first look wedding photos at the Salt Flats in Bonneville, Utah. I try to always encourage my couples to do their first look photos like this at either sunset or sunrise so we get that delicious creamy light that you can only get at specific times of the day. They picked sunset, and I am so happy they did. There is nothing quite like sunsets at the Salt Flats. If you love this session, make sure you check out another first look we did at Bonneville

Wedding Photos at the Salt Flats

Chari Hawkins wore a beautiful floor length dress that complemented the salt flats beautifully. Their first look was so emotional. Her new husband wore a classic white tux that looked perfect on him, complemented by his black pants and the dreamy sunset in the background. Their overall wedding colors were a classic white and green. I love it when my couples choose classic color combos because then the couples are always the key focus in my photos. 

Final thoughts on this romantic first look at the Salt Flats

The Bonneville Salt Flats are a popular and classic location in Northern Utah for photos for a reason. There is nothing quite like them in this country, and are such a treat to work at with my couples. If you love these photos, definitely get in touch to inquire about having your own session here. 

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