Having a Montage Deer Valley Hotel Wedding

Montage Deer Valley Hotel is the epitome of luxury and is the perfect location to have your Park City hotel wedding and was a joy to film.Also, if you want to have sweeping views of surrounding landscapes that are lush with greenery and elegance, you should consider Deer Valley. This St. Regis Hotel is world-renowned for its elegance and is the perfect location for high-end and luxurious weddings and I absolutely adore it. And of course ,the wedding I filmed there was no exception. Moreover, keep reading to see what inspired the design and detail of this wedding.

My couples design inspiration for their Montage Deer Valley Hotel Wedding

My couple chose an aesthetic for their wedding that was chic and understated, very similar to this elopement I photographed a few months ago

This black tie wedding was the epitome of luxury and elegance which was perfect for them. They had a color palette of blush, whites, blacks, and greens. Also, the landscape itself plays a huge role in the 

Getting married at this Hotel in Park City

This wedding venue is quite unique and includes some really interesting elements. First off, not only can you get married here (as well as stay before and after your wedding, it also includes a honeymoon in the cost. Which means that you can celebrate your nuptials and enjoy your honeymoon in the same place. Which, I think, is perfect. It makes it incredibly easy to visit again annually to celebrate your anniversary in the same spot you got married.

Final Thoughts on this Mountain Wedding

If you are looking to have a luxurious mountainside wedding, this is a venue worth checking out. Also, I love the fact that you  can visit again annually to remember the commitment you made to each other. I can’t wait to document another wedding here.