If you are looking for a beautiful garden wedding venue in Salt Lake City, you might have just found it. This Red Butte Gardens Wedding is the perfect hidden gem in the City to have a wedding that is reminiscent of Bridgeton. 

Inspiration behind this Red Butte Gardens Wedding Session

I wanted to create a beautiful bridal look that felt like you were transported to a garden in Europe. Who knew we had such a pretty venue in Salt Lake City? It is located close to the University of Utah so is very easily accessible. In the look, I wanted to create something that was soft, feminine, and romantic. In order to achieve this look, I focused on creating a palette that was full of oft pinks, white, and peach.

Final thoughts on this bridal session 

I hope this bridal session has inspired you for your own wedding. The light and airy vibes of this bridal session are so romantic. And it fits my photography style perfectly, as well. Whether you want to have a classic and romantic wedding here or more bold and modern, it will work perfectly. I can’t wait to talk to you about your own dream wedding at Red Butte Gardens.