Utah Engagements Location Ideas

This list of photography/videography location ideas is great for any type of style you are going for. Everywhere from peaceful and elegant meadows, vast deserts, and beautifully lit studios around northern Utah.

Millcreek Canyon

Location: We meet at “Millcreek Pipeline Trailhead”

Highlights: Best spot all around. Has meadows, trees, mountains, a parking lot, and bathroom. Also not overcrowded at all. This is the most recommended location for its diversity of backgrounds and end results. 

Notes: Really green and lush in summer and has amazing fall colors in autumn. 

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Tunnel Springs Park

Location: Tunnel Springs Park (North SLC)

Highlights: All time favorite spot. Sitting on the mountainside, it has rolling fields of tall grass and trees. 

Notes: Best time for a session here is one hour before sunset for dreamy lighting. 

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Bonneville Salt Flats

Location: Bonneville Salt Flats.

Highlights: Vast plain of white salt.

Notes: *This location often has high winds which isn’t flattering for hair and makes clothing ripple on you. It is also about a 2 hour drive each way depending where you are driving from. 

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Red Butte Gardens

Location: Located on the mountainside near downtown.

Highlights: The location with the most variation and space. Red Butte Gardens has beautiful flowers, ponds, a dock, trees, creeks, and garden areas.

Notes: The venue requires the couple to purchase a photo pass. More info can be found here: https://www.redbuttegarden.org/photo-policy/ 

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Utah State Capitol Building

Location: Utah State Capitol Building – Downtown SLC.

Highlights: Huge pillars and stunning architecture. 

Notes: No fee or photo pass required which is rare for spots like this. You can also shoot inside on the grand marble staircase. This location has tons of variety in terms of trees, grass, architecture, and is good for any weather situation. 

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La Caille

Location: La Caille (venue in Sandy, Ut)

Highlights: This spot has amazing mountain backdrops, lots and lots of nature/trees, and beautiful, renaissance architecture.

Notes: The venue does charge a small site fee for a session there: https://www.lacaille.com/photoshoot/

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Little Sahara

Location: Little Sahara Recreation Area

Highlights: Desert sand dunes for as far as your eye can see.

Notes: The location is about 2 hours south of SLC. Great for anytime of the year except winter. 

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The Great Saltair

Location: The great Saltair (venue).

Highlights: Get a mix of beautiful white plains, grassy marsh, and the great Salt Lake. 

Notes: The best location is behind the venue and towards the lake. 

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Garden Park Ward

Location: Garden Park Ward is located in SLC and has beautiful backdrops, interested architecture, a small creek, and amazing lighting due to the large trees surrounding it.  

Highlights: One of my all time favorite spots because the lighting is so amazing there. 

Notes: It is free but it does have some restrictions on when you can use the space. More info can be found here: http://gardenparkward.com/ 

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Jordan Pines

Location: Jordan Pines is located in the Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Highlights: Beautiful trees and mountains. 

Notes: Sometimes this location is over crowded.

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