If you are looking to have magical wedding photos that make you feel like you’re in the desert, consider having them at Little Sahara in Nephi, Utah. Having a Utah Sand Dunes Wedding is a real way to feel transported to Morocco. 

Why you should consider having a Sand Dunes Wedding

If you love the look of desolation and want an intimate ceremony that doesn’t have anyone else around, consider having a desert wedding! I recommend coming here in the Fall or Spring though so the weather remains comfortable. Nothing like being in the desert and it being unfathomably hot. I always aim for my couples to be extremely comfortable – it reflects n the photos I take.

How to get good desert photos

It’s imperative that you have a photographer and videographer who understands how to shoot in the sand. Messy sand does not photograph well, so it’s important to maintain what I call “clean sand”. Clean sand means no tracks besides the couples. So while I would normally help fix the brides dress, or put them into posing, I don’t here. It would leave unnecessary tracks in the sand that would take away from the overall ambiance. 

Final thoughts

Incorporating some greenery makes for some interesting visuals as well. It’s a very interesting juxtaposition to see greenery that is bright and colorful contrasted but the beautiful rolling sand dunes.  I love being out here, and can’t wait until my next session out here. If this has been inspiration to you and sounds like the way you want to celebrate your nuptials I’d love to hear from you and chat about making your dream wedding come to life.