Are you getting ready to schedule your engagement or wedding photos and looking for the best spots in Utah? As a Utah native, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite spots throughout the state to capture photos. I’ve included every type of imaginative setting! You’ll find far-off remote locations along with locations that are easy to access. I’ve even included some of my favorite locations that are free to access!

Keep Reading for the best spots in Utah to take engagement & wedding photos!

1. Jordan Pines Big Cottonwood Canyon Engagement & Wedding Photos

As the name suggests Jordan Pines at Big Cottonwood Canyon is full of shady pines. In addition to the towering pines you’ll find gorgeous views of the surrounding mountain peaks. Depending on the season that you schedule your engagement or wedding photos at Jordan Pines, you might just be lucky enough to experience the summer wildflowers or the fall foliage. 

Who it’s for | Couples looking for the best spots to take photos in Utah that are free and easy to access. Additionally, it is a great choice of location for couples who want grand gorgeous views of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Visiting | If you’re not familiar with it,  Jordan Pines does have a campground component. However, we will work on your engagement or wedding photos away from campers and park visitors. 

Fees | The fees associated with visiting Jordan Pines only relate to overnight stays and picnic sites, there is no fee related to a photography experience.

Getting There | From I-215, take the 6200 south exit. From there you’ll travel one mile east to Wasatch Blvd. Take Wasatch Blvd a mile south to the junction with Big Cottonwood Canyon/Highway 190, and follow signs for Jordan Pines. The physical address of Jordan Pines is FR 632 Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Parking | There is more than enough parking at Jordan Pines. When we begin planning your engagement or wedding photos, I will go over exactly where to park so we can meet at your scheduled time.

Scheduling Your Session

The campground can get busy during the summer, on weekends, and over long holiday weekends. If you want to schedule your engagement photos at Jordan Pines, I recommend a weekday photoshoot to avoid foot traffic. If you’d like to take your wedding photos at Jordan Pines, we will look at your wedding day timeline to find the best opening for visiting the park with minimal onlookers!

2. Red Earth Venue Moab Engagement & Wedding Photos

Nestled quietly away from the national parks, Red Earth Venue in Moab has 17 gorgeous acres with unforgettable views. The venue is completely surrounded by red rock cliffs, native desert vegetation, and the idyllic views of the canyon. If you want engagement or wedding photos that look like they were snapped in the middle of the national parks, without all the hiking, you can absolutely access Red Earth Venue in Moab for photography only.

Who it’s for | Want gorgeous engagement or wedding photos with backdrops of The Arches or Canyonlands, without having to hike into a location? Red Earth Venue in Moab is for you!

Visiting | Red Earth Venue in Moab is a wedding venue. But, you can absolutely visit for the sake of photos, even if you are not planning your wedding at the venue. We will, however, need to make an appointment for photography only. 

Fees | Prices listed on the Red Earth Venue in Moab are currently for wedding day celebrations. For specific fees related to photography only, please contact me directly.

Getting There | Red Earth is a wedding venue located about 10 minutes from Moab, Utah. It is centrally located between the Arches & Canyonlands National Parks. The reason I recommend the venue over the national parks is because of the accessibility, including ease of access, parking, and reduced crowds.

Parking | Because Red Earth Venue in Moab is a wedding venue, there is plenty of parking and accessibility. 

Scheduling Your Session

The venue typically books out on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for weddings. To schedule your photos at Red Earth Venue in Moab, we will more than likely need to work together on a weekday session.

3. Little Sahara Sand Dunes

Isn’t the landscape of Utah so amazing? From red rock formations and towering pine trees to desert vibes. Little Sahara Sand Dunes is one of the best spots to take photos in Utah! Sand dunes and sagebrush fill the sprawling acreage of Little Sahara Sand Dunes. While this location is known as a spot for adventurers to explore on their ATVs, it is just as amazing to explore on foot for a photo shoot!

Who it’s for | Want to experience a slight dash of adventure with your engagement or wedding photos?  Little Sahara Sand Dunes is one of the best spots to take photos in Utah with its open space and soft white sands.

Visiting | There is an area at the Northwest corner of the Little Sahara Sand Dunes (about 9,000 acres) where vehicles are not permitted in order to preserve wildlife.  This area can be accessed as long as we treat it with great care, and it’s a wonderful location for your photo shoot. 

Fees | A one-day pass for entering Little Sahara Sand Dunes runs at a cost of $18 per vehicle.

Getting There | Little Sahara Sand Dunes is located about two hours south of Salt Lake City. 

Parking | There is plenty of parking allocated for guests at the visitor’s center.

Scheduling Your Session

The park can get particularly busy on weekends and especially on holiday weekends. We can still schedule your session during this time, however, it is important to note that there may be noise in the distance from the ATVs. If you wish to avoid foot traffic or ATV noise altogether, then we can schedule your engagement or wedding photos at Little Sahara Sand Dunes on a weekday. Additionally, depending on the time of year you need to schedule your shoot, the sand can become unbearably hot, so a sunrise photo shoot is recommended during the summer months.

4. Tibble Fork Engagement Photos

Curious to know what you’ll find at Tibble Fork? Verdant greenery, mountain views, and a beautifully pristine lake. Tibble Fork is often overlooked but is still one of the best spots to take photos in Utah. If you’re not afraid of wearing your wedding dress to an outdoor location, I highly recommend a post-wedding photoshoot at Tibble Fork! But I will say this, it is a population location for engagement photos.

Who It’s For | Couples who want idyllic views of the canyon for their engagement or wedding photos. 

Visiting | Tibble Fork is a hotspot for outdoor recreational activities, but there are plenty of hidden gem locations for us to work on your photography experience. Additionally, Tibble Fork is open year-round and makes for one of the best spots to take photos in Utah whether you desire snow-capped views or lush greenery.

Fees | There is a $6 fee associated with accessing the road that leads to the canyon. However, if you have a National Parks Pass, the cost will be covered by your pass.

Getting There | To get there, take the Alpine-Highland to exit 284. Stay on Hwy 92 and turn left at North Fork junction in American Fork Canyon.

Parking | Parking is available to visitors by the granite Flat Campground and Tibble Fork Reservoir. However, where we decide to park on the day of your session will depend on what we have planned. We can discuss this during your consultation.

Scheduling Your Session

What I love about working with my couples on their engagement or wedding photos is the versatility of this outdoor space.  If you’re willing to brave the cold we can create a magical wintery wonderland photo experience. Or, if you want your photos to portray that soft glow,  we can work on a sunrise or sunset shoot, any time of the year!

5. Bonneville Salt Flats Engagement & Wedding Photos

The Bonneville Salt Flats are a highly popular destination for couples eloping from out of state. It’s also a highly searched area for couples in state who are looking for the best spots to take engagement photos in Utah. There’s no denying the magic of the salt flats and I, for one, get excited every time my couples inquire about working with me at this location!

Who it’s for | Couples who want engagement or wedding photos with expansive views of the pristine white flats, as far as the eye can see. 

Visiting | There really is no “bad time” to visit the Salt Flats. However, if you want to be mindful of visiting the salt flats when they are dry. To experience the salt flats dry, summer is the best option for scheduling your shoot.

Fees | The salt flats are free and open year-round!

Getting There | To get to the salt flats take exit 4 off Interstate 80. From there you will head north and follow the signs to the Speedway. Lastly, you’ll take a right on Leppy Pass Road towards the flats. 

Parking | A parking area is available (and completely free) at the end of Leppy Pass Road when heading towards the Salt Flats.

Scheduling Your Session

As mentioned above, summer is the best season to visit the salt flats to ensure the area is dry when you arrive. However, there can be an occasional rainstorm during summer in the afternoon so it’s more about scheduling your session at the right time. Sunrise and sunset at the salt flats provide amazing views with gorgeous slight for an unforgettable photography experience.

You can find more information on working with me at all the best spots to take photos in Utah, at this link!