Some wedding videos capture what a couple’s love really feels like. Today I wanted to share one of them with you. This “First Look” video captured at the Santa Monica Pier was for one of my good friends, Hanna and her groom-to-be, Alex. You may remember them from the images of their wedding at the Los Angeles Temple a few weeks ago. The two of them are so fun and outgoing, and the candid style the bride requested for this video really showcases that.

The bride and groom wanted their First Look video shot on the beach. Hanna was so excited to reveal her dress to Alex. He was clearly blown away! They are both California natives who love to have fun, so naturally afterwards we took a stroll along the boardwalk at Santa Monica Pier. There were lots of onlookers passing by offering their congratulations and heartfelt wishes to the beautiful bride and groom. I mean, how often do you see a couple dressed in full wedding attire playing carnival games on a sandy beach? Hanna borrowed a cute heart-shaped balloon from a pretty shady guy who was not amused and definitely grumpy. It was adorable anyway though.

During a ride on the ferris wheel that evening, the bride grabbed my camera and shot some “selfie” footage of her and her love with the lights of the pier behind them. She then took some shots of Alex from her perspective. I love the natural, hand-held style of this video that the bride was hoping for. It perfectly captures a happy couple in love enjoying a date night at the beach… in a wedding dress.